The Mourning of December 14, 2012


Again today,

a gun

does what

guns are

capable of doing

in the mind

and hands

of one of us. 


Just this morning

innocent and gifted

sons and daughters,

mothers and sisters

were blasted

into eternity

by a crazed son

of his murdered mother. 


Meanwhile, the

NRA remains an

innocent bystander. 


Meanwhile, the


Second Amendment

of our Constitution

remains intact

and innocent

without question.


Meanwhile, the

mothers and fathers,

grandmothers and grandfathers

of these children

are left with devastating

and haunting hopelessness. 


I can only imagine

what it’s like for them

to return to barren

bedrooms and

uninhabited chairs around

mournful family supper tables. 


Christmas surprises

neatly stowed in closets

awaiting the Happy Morning

will be returned

to Toys “R” Us

and Best Buy. 


Raw deep layers of

unrelenting grief

will claim the

ghost of Christmas

and radically change

memories for

a lifetime. 



guns will sell legally

and good will hunting

will continue,

and we will glance

at England’s murder rate

with glazed eyes. 


After all,

people, not guns,

kill people.

People not like us

misuse guns.

People who are


who are insane,

who have

emotional problems. 


Sane people

like us

lock our guns up safely

in our polished

walnut gun cases. 


Sane people

like us

know how to handle



Sane people

like us

have hunted with

our fathers for



Sane people

like us

are more aware

of the dangers

and consequences

associated with guns. 


Sane people like us

stand legally and

constitutionally solid

and clean. 



shooting ranges,

violent movies

and daily newspapers

remain happily

innocent bystanders,


not guilty,


today’s great tragedy. 


There seems to be

something lacking

in our search for

gun sanity. 


Do you suppose,

if your child’s life

were taken this morning,

might you be asking 

a genre of new questions

regarding gun laws and

the imprint and power,

associations and images

that maintain our collective,

unconscious and gullible 

availability of firepower? 


Tragically, it most often takes

a personal, catastrophic


to awaken us

to the inevitable


that we are all

one family,

and that we

owe each other

an amazing



There is no


without sacrifice.

May the slaughter

of innocent children

and dedicated adults

somehow, someway,

cut through our

illusion that

license is freedom.


Hal Edwards

Wauconda, IL

December 14, 2012

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