Its almost Christmas


“O come, let us adore Him…”

Our house now all set

for children and grandchildren

and beautiful friends.


“Joy to the world…”

Presents almost wrapped;

spices and condiments

and sugar cookies and

gravy and turkey

are about to parade

through our kitchen.
“God rest you, merry gentlemen and gentle women…”

Another Christmas

and I am yet a kid again;

my heart and body

ringing with the familiar

carols of new birth and hope.


“We three kinds of orient are…”

Scrambling, family, children,

siblings, schedules and all

the stuff that we stuff into

our reunions;

fantasies, hurts, hopes

and loyalties—

its all about being together,

practicing the evolution of

healing love,

the ever fierce practice

of love.


“Away in a manger….”

This Christmas

will be my eighty-first.

A caravan of Christmases

line up for my attention,

four score and one,

each uniquely perfect and


each exactly choreographed

by the landscape of my

own meanings.


“and God send you a happy new year…”

Will Jill’s gravy out-taste

her last perfectly delicious batch?

Will our families bless one another

and look back and say,

“Ah, how good to be together!”?


“O holy night, the stars are brightly shining…”

Will our giving and receiving

of spirit and Stuff and Things

reflect our loving kindness

and gratitude for life itself?

Will our table talk

offer the delicious taste

of hilarious gratitude, stories, and

a life of timely graces?


“Fall on your knees and hear the angel voices…”

Again, this year,

shall we unwrap each other

and look into the open mangers

of  our smiles with happy tears

and wonder at such miracles?


“With the dawn of redeeming grace…”

For, dear ones,

we are the manger

where Christ is reborn

in each of us.

We are the wondering shepherds

in awe of such incredible

light and glory.

We are Mary and Joseph,

not capable of understanding

why such marvelous and

precious Life

has come through us

into the world.

We are the wise men and women

who have traveled

far and long,

following the stars of

heart and soul and imagination—

to this moment,

to this table,

to this circle of love.


“Christ the savior is born, Christ the savior is born…”

Its almost another Christmas,

and we are the

nativity scene,

we are the angels

and the shepherds

and wise ones bearing gifts;

yes, we are—

and the camels and

sheep and lowing cattle;

we are indeed…

and each of us,

a blessed son and daughter of God,

a living Christ

in the original and eternal core of

our existence.


“Sleep…in heavenly peace…”

The magic of Christmas

goes with us

wherever we go,

whatever we do.


is Christmas

and Valentines

and Easter

and Good Friday

and Pentecost,

Halloween and Thanksgiving


every day resides

in all days.


       “Oh come ye, come ye to Bethlehem,”

And we have come,

yes, we will come

again and again and again

to this place,

to this circle of peace

and forgiveness and joy.


“Glory to God in the highest…”

let us adore

the Christ in all humanity.

Let us kneel before one another

and taste the deep Spirit of Life

Who gave us birth,

Who sustains our true Passion,

Who celebrates the Eternal

ever living Essence—

Who and Whose we are.


“Here we come a’wandering…”

Its almost Christmas

every day of our lives.

Its meaning is destined

by our choices…

… always,

whatever the circumstances,

the choice is ours.


December 16, 2015


Hal Edwards

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