Our Storybook Sky

I found myself walking on my familiar journey 

surrounded by a great darkness 

that encompassed my winding path.


I kept my usual pace until by happenstance

I gazed skyward   

 beyond the stubble and dips and crevices

of my ordinary life,

finding myself bathed and gathered upward 

 into the mystery of the Milky Way.


One solid glance

and everything changed.

A strange door opened within

the secret chambers of my soul.

A shift, a reflective awareness, seized me.


For a lifetime I kept my focus

on rocks and gravel and potholes,

watching my step,

doing the next thing,

being an innocent and practical fellow.


 As I looked up and out,

 to my great surprise,

I found myself unraveling into wondrous awe. 


I saw life beyond 

right or wrong,


good or bad. 


A midnight canopy of enormous darkness

opened my awestruck eyes

to astonishing and countless points of light.


Calling to me from the four corners

of time and space,

Their energy and brightness

captured me in sheer wonder.


Their configurations sparkled with life;

Their precise beauty penetrated my psyche;

I forgot my body,

I let go of all reason.

I was left unguarded  

in custody of Creative Greatness.


Beams of clustered light

 countless millions of light years away

seem intact as they

cycle through endless chaos and order,

perfecting their coming and going.


I stood captured

stone silent 

mouth opened 

heart thumping

beholding the mystery of

All Living Things.


-Hal Edwards, October 22, 2007



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