What? Another Death Poem??


I hear you
loud and clear,
my dear precious friend.
I hear you asking me,

“No! Not another one?
Not another one of your
death poems!
Are you obsessed
or entranced
with dying?”

“Are you
hypnotized by
it all?”

“Why do you insist
on writing so much
about dying?

“What is wrong
with you?

“Why can’t you
just be happy
and look at the
bright side of things
and focus
on being alive?”

I can only
but answer you
by saying,

No, I am not obsessed,
nor do I have any
need or desire to die.

Neither do I choose
to dismiss this
most important
of greatest meaning
and purpose.

I sense an inevitable Surprise of Love
that will come to pass;
I welcome whatever
is to come,
as I value
every opportunity
to be present
here and now.

I choose to be present
to my Soul
in my living
in my dying and living again.

I seek the same grace
and surrender to
the same grace
exhaling and inhaling,
sleeping and awake,
working and playing,
living and dying.

Graduation Day
is worth
preparing for,
writing about,
reflecting upon
as I
smell the flowers
and lick my
chocolate ice cream
(with almonds).

Hal Edwards
April 25, 2015