Denial and Unconscious Innocence

Denial and Unconscious Innocence

Scene I- Sweating Blood

“Please stay close, Peter,

stay near me, stay awake.

My soul is so weary;

I need you now;

don’t sleep on me now.”

Scene II- Chat across the Dinner Table

“Peter, I have prayed for you;

that your trust in God

will keep you grounded,

lest Satan sift you as wheat.”

Scene III- The Human Situation

“Peter, you are going to reject me.

Before the rooster wakes up the dawn,

you will refute even knowing me.”

Scene IV- Unconscious Arrogance

Deny you?

Not on your life!!!

What a preposterous pronouncement!

You can count on me!

If everyone else reneges,

I’m in; you can count on me!”

Scene V- Stark Disavowal

“Who me? I, his follower?

You’ve got to be kidding?

I never knew that man, honestly!

Scene VI- Wake Up Call

Cockadoodle do

Cockadoodle do

Cockadoodle do


Scene VII- Compassion on the Beach

“Peter, do you love me

more than they do?

Peter, do you love me?

Peter, are you my friend?”

Scene VIII- Humility, Honesty and Transformation

“Lord, you know who I am;

I really hope

to become your faithful friend.”

Hal Edwards, from John’s Gospel

December 22, 2014


I wrap my arms around my precious family 
as we move together 
and separately 
through Holy Week, 
bearing in our own bodies and minds and hearts 
the essence of what it means 
to be human 
and alive 
in the spirit and consciousness 
of Jesus.
When Jesus says, 
“Take up your cross and follow me,” 
He invites me
into the Life Force
that is incarnated 
in the absolute center 
of my life experiences–
with all the Cana wedding celebrations, 
with my water transformed into euphoric wine, 
with all the rejection 
and humiliation, 
doubt and faithfulness 
and agony 
that comes with Holy Week.  
I see the amazing days of Holy Week
unfolding within my life 
My Judas trickster and betrayer moments, 
my intimacy and separation,
my impetuous Peter moments,
my intimate Mary of Magdala moments, 
my misunderstandings of trusted friends moments, 
my agony in abandonment moments,
and monumental moments
ingesting my costly bitter wine.