Without my Shadow,

blinded and unaware

of sheer dynamic forces

that balance opposites,

I would neglect to know

the Other Side of myself.

Without my Shadow,

I would remain

dangerously anxious,

nervously innocent

and unconscious.

Without my Shadow,

I ignore or deny

life’s beneficial interruptions

capable of transforming

fear into love.

Without my Shadow,

I do not realize

or enjoy

truly who and Whose

I already am.

Without my Shadow

I cannot convert my

projections into insight,

my blame into compassion,

my judgments into wisdom.

Without my shadow,

I will mistake the

continuity and magic

of the present moment.

Without my Shadow

I remain


lost and unaware,

meandering through my past,

trifling naively into the future.

Thanks to my Shadow,

new choices and consequences

release impartial

and judicious outcomes

with precision.

Her dark Refining Furnace

melts away

the dross,

purifies all loss—

until each obscure shady secret

kneels in humility

into the wonder

and decontamination

of Love’s Fire.

Thanks to my Shadow,

each transformation,

birthed through

perseverance and suffering

into unknowing,

liberates me

time and time again

into gratefulness—

leaving me

superbly consumed

in muted wonder.

Without my Shadow

I remain armored

with my perfected illusions,

projecting upon others


I dare not acknowledge

in myself.

Without my Shadow

my truth becomes the whole truth,

my partial view the entire landscape,

sanctifying evil itself.

Without my Shadow

I swing at others

and reduce myself.

My Shadow is everything

concealed within my depths

that I demean, envy, worship,

blame, hate, love, resist and deny.

My Shadow is my own

clandestined and rejected

“good and bad”

“right and wrong”

concealed within myself.

My Shadow awaits

my willingness to

love me the way I am,

to grace myself

into humility


grateful awe.

My own Shadow

will be my final judge

or be my saving factor;

its up to me.

My personal Shadow

is the Nazareth

where my Inner Christ lives.

Oh beloved Christ,* my faithful relentless Shadow,

please liberate me from my own perceived goodness


please liberate me from my own perceived badness.

Re-read this poem,

inserting Christ* for Shadow.

Nathanael asked,

“Can any good thing

come out of Nazareth?”

Philip responded,

“Come and see.”

John 1:46

“He was despised and rejected—

a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief.

We turned our backs on him

and looked the other way.

He was despised,

and we did not care.”

Isaiah 53:3

To forgive

is to confess and release

all shadows

and expectations

we have placed upon

ourselves and others.

This is our time together

to welcome

and emancipate

every stranger

we have imprisoned within.

Welcome Home,

child of Grace.

Let go of your palsied goodness

and your debilitating darkness

and meet

with us

in the Field of


(*or Buddha, or Chi, Krishna, or Tao, or Great Spirit, or Life Force, etc.)

-Hal Edwards

Wauconda, IL

October 1, 2015